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What We're About: Our Core Values

Good Shepherd is a United Methodist Church strategically located at the crossroads of Harvest, East Limestone and Madison counties. We have a dynamic congregation actively involved both inside AND outside the walls of the church. We believe in Taking Risks as a way to Experience Christ, and we would love for you to become part of our family.

View from the Corner

Our CORE VALUES don't change.
We exist to fulfill them in a number of ways.
Our tactics to achieve our values are always open for discussion... but at the end of the day,
we ultimately strive for:

We value the impact that occurs when an individual's gifts and the needs of others intersect.

We value the miraculous metamorphosis taking place in our church
as we constantly open our doors to new ministries and especially new generations.

We value openness and respect all who come seeking a safe environment
to explore the Christian faith.

We value people growing in an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus Christ
through the regular practice of spiritual disciplines.

We believe that the power of the Holy Spirit works through everyone, not just the pastors.

1418 Old Railroad Bed Road - Madison, AL 35757
(256) 232-3331